How To Build A Lead Generation Funnel

Lead Generation and Sales Funnels Without an effective lead generation funnel, it’s near-impossible to generate high-quality sales leads and convert them into sales. It’s an essential component of your digital marketing strategy, and your main opportunity to find and reach your ideal customers. Your lead generation funnel should help drive potential

How To Build A Good Landing Page

High-Converting and Effective Designs So what makes a good landing page? It needs to be simple and aesthetically pleasing, but also with conversion elements that generate results. Problem is, this requires marketing knowledge and technical as well as design skills. Most people don't know how to build websites, much less a

How To Build A Blog From Scratch

Creating a Blog with GrooveBlog™ One of the best ways to build your brand online is to start a blog. This gives you the ability to share valuable content to your readers, prospects, and customers. It's also one of the best ways to organically promote whatever you want, whether that's your

How To Create A Monthly Membership Site

Build A Membership Area With GrooveMember™ Membership Site with GrooveMember™ Running a membership site is a profitable online business, so it has become increasingly popular for good reason. A membership site allows you to monetize your content, but not through advertising revenue. Instead, people pay to access your gated content –

GroovePages Tutorial: How To Create An Optin Using GroovePages

List Building with Groove.CM When building a business, your email list is essential. But you'll need an opt-in form to do that. So that way you can collect people's email so you can create a rapport and trust with subscribers and promote to them later on using newsletters, lead magnets, freebies

GroovePages Tutorial: How To Make A Squeeze Page

Building A Squeeze Page With Groove.CM An essential element to getting your digital business off the ground is using a squeeze page. This is a short page with limited content, mostly a headline, a sub-headline, maybe some images, or a video. And finally, a call to action to fill out a

How To Create a 5 Day Challenge

If you’re relying on your social media presence and engagement to generate leads as a course creator, you’re relying on social media algorithms. And those are pesky little things that keep marketers bouncing around, trying to figure out and keep track of all the latest trends when it comes to growing your online audience.

How To Increase Organic Traffic

How To Increase Organic Traffic When You Have A Limited Budget Many business owners are aware that paid advertising can instantly drive traffic to their website and, more specifically with the advances in technology, it has become increasingly effective at directly targeting your ideal customers. However, “buying traffic” is not always a feasible strategy

Module 4 – Imperfect Action Challenge

Welcome back to the fourth module of the Imperfect Action Challenge! In this module, we go over the steps of preparing the products to be delivered to the customers who purchased them. This includes preparing your product as well as setting up a membership area in GrooveMember™ to offer an upgrade and creating an

Module 2 – Imperfect Action Challenge

Welcome back to the second module of the Imperfect Action Challenge! By now, you should have signed up for your free Groove account, if you hadn’t already, and watched Module 1 of this series. It’s our hope that you are now feeling super inspired and have the extra bit of confidence, after taking small

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