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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

Is digital marketing just the cheap version of marketing? You’ve probably had that thought at some point in time, that digital marketing is just the budget-friendly version of traditional marketing (which often comes at an exorbitant cost!). If that were the case, then when would it stop being called ‘digital marketing’ and just become…

New Templates Released 11-06-20

New gorgeous templates released on 11/06. Perfectly customized and functional to showcase your business online. These templates include: Adopt A Pet Homepage Adopt A Pet Make A Donation Adopt A Cat Page Adopt A Dog Page Adopt A Pet Help Page Manicure Salon Landing Page Plumbing Service Website Multi-Course Academy Website Black Friday Landing

Will Video Rule The SEO World?

Much like Pinky and the Brain (for those of you old enough to remember this animated television series from the mid 90’s) video is trying its best to take over the world, the world of marketing that is. But will it succeed? It has been reported by Cisco that by 2022, online video is

Apps To Keep You On Task

Productivity Apps To Keep You Off the Couch and On Task Who hasn’t found themselves at the end of a long day staring at something entertaining only to realize nothing useful got done? You are seen, reader. You are seen. That’s why you’ll be excited to know that the very devices that cause your

These Success-Destroying Habits Are Holding You Back

These Success-Destroying Habits Are Holding You Back Look at your own behaviors and habits before you look externally for your problems Sometimes uncontrollable aspects of life will lead to failure. Such as unexpected plagues that force your customer base to stay indoors. Yet most reasons people don’t accomplish what they set out to do

New Templates Released October 23rd – 30th

Get inspired as we released new templates on October 23rd and 30th. Ideal for showcasing your business while creating amazing content. These templates include: Technology Homepage Technology About-us Page Technology Projects Page Auto-Repairs Template HVAC Template Photography Page Pet Sitting Template Restaurant Homepage Restaurant About-us Page Restaurant Menu VSL Optin VSL Booking Page Advertorial

Charm Your Way To A Sale

Charm Your Customers Into Handing Over Their Credit Card Mesmerize your way to more sales If only you could play a pipe to mesmerize customers like those stereotypical snake charmers in Hollywood depictions of the Middle East. Slinky reptiles may not be your target market, and perhaps you can’t draw them in with melodious

How The Smart Marketers Spot Trends Before Anyone Else

I Spy With My Little Eye... The Next Big Thing How the Smart Marketers Spot Trends Before Anyone Else Everyone loved those “I Spy” books in my elementary school. They consisted of pages crammed with themed objects and asked readers to find the hidden ones. Very satisfying for our human brains that love a

GrooveFunnels™ Makes Investment In ChatMatic

ChatMatic In case you missed our exciting Live stream announcement, stop reading. No, really, we’re about to spoil the surprise. Did you stop reading? No? Okay good, we would’ve kept reading too. GrooveDigital™ is proud to announce that we are partnering with ChatMatic – a chat automation software that is widely popular, particularly in

New Templates Released 10-16-20

Our Designers have been hard at work as we released new templates on 10/16. Designed to showcase all your professional needs. These templates include: Real Estate Home Page Real Estate Property Template Real Estate About Page Real Estate On Sale Page Real Estate Properties Page Real Estate Contact Page Barbershop Homepage Barbershop Scheduling Page

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