Welcome back to the fourth module of the Imperfect Action Challenge!

In this module, we go over the steps of preparing the products to be delivered to the customers who purchased them. This includes preparing your product as well as setting up a membership area in GrooveMember™ to offer an upgrade and creating an email sequence in GrooveMail™.

In Module 1 and 2, we covered planning and designing of our funnel and corresponding pages, and then in Module 3, we purchased our custom domain and set up the products in GrooveSell™.

GroovePages™, GrooveSell™, GrooveMember™ and GrooveMail™ are all free-to-use apps that can be found in your Groove dashboard, giving you every reason to just get it done!

Good to know stuff before we begin:

  • No platinum account needed
  • No product needed
  • No previous knowledge necessary
  • No creatives needed
  • No pre-written copy needed
  • No (money) investment needed

Module #4 Recap: Product Fulfillment

If you want to view the entire video with clickable chapters and show notes, watch the replay here.

1. Editing your products and hosting them online

After downloading your PLR product, you’re going to have to edit the PDF and also host it online somewhere.

  • Use a PDF editor and upload your file
    a. sejda.com (free)
  • Unable to delete picture with this tool
    a. Instead, download the the MS Word source file and change the image
  • Find the placeholders and insert your links
  • Save and preview the document
  • Edit all the documents
  • Test all your links
  • Upload file to your chosen file hosting provider
    a. Google Drive (free)
  • Copy the shareable link

2. Explanation of the fulfillment options

On the Thank You Page that you’ve created and configured, you have to indicate how you intend to deliver the product that the customer has just purchased. An easy way to go about product fulfillment is by using Google Drive to host your file – and share the shareable link on a button on the page. When the customer clicks on the button, they will be able to immediately download the product.

There are three types of fulfillment options available to you:

  • Thank You Page Fulfillment
  • Email Fulfillment
  • Membership Fulfillment (recommended)

We will go into detail for each in the steps below.

3. Setting up the Thank You Page

Like we said in step 2, one of the easiest ways for beginners to go about product fulfillment is by linking the shareable URL (from Google Drive/file hosting) with a button.

Double-check your links are correct and that you are continuously saving your progress – it’s easier than you think to slip up. You’ll also want to rename folders and files to appropriate names, as customers will see this.

Of course, this is not the most secure method of going about this. It’s very easy for a paying customer to give someone else access to your product, and it also might not come across as a bit amateur. Nonetheless, a good starting point.

4. Setting up the email sequence in GrooveMail™

Adding the Sender

This is the email address that will be shown as “from” on the recipient’s end. Naturally, you’ll first have to set up your custom email address, if you haven’t already.

  • In the Groove dashboard, select Email Marketing (GrooveMail™)
  • Go to Settings – Senders
    a. Create a New Sender
    b. Set up with an email address that you can verify
  • Verify your email address
    a. If you don’t receive it, check your spam/promotions folder
  • Refresh your Senders list to ensure that it has been verified

Creating a List and Tags

A list is a way for you to segment your contacts according to consumer behavior and insights. Tags are a good way to then further identify people within a list, with more specific details.

  • Select Leads – Lists
    a. Create a new list
  • Select Tags & Segments – Tags
    a. Create a new tag

Creating a Sequence

A sequence is a series of emails that are sent according to predetermined triggers or timed intervals. Some PLR products include an email sequence/template with the product.

If you don’t have premade emails in your PLR package, have a look at any email sequence that you have previously received (to replicate, not outright copy!) or search online for some examples or templates.

  • Select Campaigns
    a. Create a New Sequence
  • Fill out the required information
  • The sequence builder automatically opens
  • Configure the trigger
  • Fill in the email content
    a. As you would create a broadcast

You can create more than one sequence for multiple tags or scenarios in which you’d like to segment your customers, for example, a customer that has not purchased the upgrade.

If you add any product sales pages in the email, make sure it takes them to the correct offer and that the email layout looks good. Proofread your copy!

As always, click the Save button regularly! Especially before clicking back.

Setting up Automations

In order for your freebie email sequence to be triggered, you’ll have to set up automations. Automations help you smoothly manage your business and it’s definitely worth using!

  • Select Automations – Automations
  • Create New Automation
    a. Select Trigger
    b. Purchased a Product (and select product)
  • Set up conditional “if” trigger and link to email sequence

If you select the play button, the automation becomes active. If you select the pause button, the automation will stop. Don’t get confused!

5. Setting up the membership in GrooveMember™

There’s already an in-depth training on YouTube dedicated to How to Create Your Membership in GrooveMember™. We’ll quickly run through the basics that you’ll need for these purposes.

A membership delivery allows you to give customers access to paid-for content in a secure area, using an email address and password. Free Groove members can create one membership site, while paid members are unlimited.

In the Groove dashboard, select manage Membership (GrooveMember™).

Select Content – Membership – Create a New Membership, and follow the set up instructions:

  • Add content name and subdomain name
  • Add a logo
  • Add sales page
  • Add an upgrade option
  • Set up access and membership levels

At the moment, you will be unable to edit the Welcome Email – but customers will automatically receive an email with their login information.

Once complete, you will receive your registration (sign up) URLs.

Setting up fulfillment in GrooveSell™, where your product has already been added, is an important step in delivering your product.

  • Open a new tab and navigate to GrooveSell™ from the Groove dashboard
  • Select your product funnel
  • Select the product that you want to set up to your membership area
    a. Edit – 8. Product Fulfillment – Add New Membership

Repeat for this set up for each product and access level in your membership area, to link your product in GrooveSell™ with a membership access in GrooveMember™. And that’s all for product fulfillment and creating your membership area!

Here’s the thing, if you’re selling a product online, you want to make sure you can fulfill it. Don’t get yourself into unnecessary trouble and make sure you follow all these steps. Our suggestion is to set up a membership in GrooveMember™, as this is the best option for butterfly marketing – as taught by Groove CEO, Mike Filsaime.

Join us for the last module of the Imperfect Action Challenge, where we will do an in-depth, guided walkthrough on creating affiliate tools and promoting your product.


Set up your product fulfillment and post your progress in the Facebook group with #imperfectactionchallenge



Q: Is the email editor in GrooveMail™ going to be improved?
A: Yes, of course, this is a beta platform.

Q: Should the upsell page be created as a page or as a page in the funnel?
A: It really doesn’t matter, but I suggest setting it up as a page.

Q: How to set up my page view on multiple devices?
A: This is called mobile responsiveness and there are videos specifically for that.

Q: Do I still need to use outfits like Aweber?
A: No, not really, GrooveMail™ is still in beta but play around with it and see what it can do.

Q: Can someone share the Thank You page with product access to others who did not register with you?
A: Yes, there’s no way to regulate it. That’s why we suggest one of the more secure delivery options such as email or membership, but Thank You pages are the easiest and ultimately it should be fine.

Q: Will Groove eventually host videos and digital products?
A: Hosting videos with GrooveVideo™ is already possible, and hosting for digital products is coming very soon.