Biljana Bogoevska: President

The Life of a Remote President, with Biljana Bogoevska Biljana was a high school exchange student when she traveled from Macedonia to Atlanta, Georgia by herself. Undeterred by the language barrier, which she soon mastered, she eventually came to call America home. She never would have imagined that her life in the USA would

Julie Delvalle: Assistant Investigator

The Life of a Remote Assistant Investigator, with Julie Delvalle When listening to Julie recount her career highlights, she lists off an impressive list of some of the world’s leading corporations, and that includes the likes of UPS, Concentrix, IBM, and Unilever. Born in the Philippines, Julie originally planned on becoming an elementary school

Chelsey Luikart: Social Media Manager

The Life of a Remote Social Media Manager, with Chelsey Luikart There’s no doubt that you’d have to be an organized person to create efficient systems to stay on top of managing all of a company’s social channels. And it’s safe to say that most companies have realized the benefits of social media marketing

Kulsum Siddique: Quality Assurance Engineer

The Life of a Remote Quality Assurance Engineer, with Kulsum Siddique If there’s one person who knows all about putting your head down and just getting the work done, it’s Kulsum. She has worked in coding and software engineering since the start of her career; a career in one of the STEM disciplines that

Donna Fox: Chief Marketing Officer

The Life of a Remote CMO, with Donna Fox There’s at least one thing that each and every woman of Groove can agree on, and it’s the simple fact that we all strongly feel our values align with the person responsible for molding our company culture: Donna Fox. It’s no coincidence that being responsible

Groove Special Presentation: State Of The Groovion (With Mike Filsaime)

Original Air Date: Friday, September 4th, 2020 Mike Filsaime hosts a "State Of The Groovion" webinar to address the Groovenation about the future developments of the products, along with details of the recent million dollar day achievement without activating JV partners. Now, with a highly-converting system proven to produce massive results, Mike announces the

Groove Special Presentation: The Return of Butterfly Marketing

Original Air Date: Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 Rich Schefren interviews Mike Filsaime live about the Butterfly Marketing effect from 2006 and all the butterfly effects that occurred over the past 14 years to transform GrooveDigital™ into the dominant empire it has become today. P.S. At Groove Digital™, we are committed to