Building A Squeeze Page With Groove.CM

An essential element to getting your digital business off the ground is using a squeeze page. This is a short page with limited content, mostly a headline, a sub-headline, maybe some images, or a video.

And finally, a call to action to fill out a form, with an email address, and maybe a name.

Building this is easy with GroovePages!

When creating a new page, select a template that’s a lead generation page. There you can easily customize the page to your preference, maybe edit the headlines, change some images, or delete some unwanted blocks and elements.

Then you’ll set up your opt-in form and integrate whatever else is necessary before you publish the page.

And although a squeeze page is very similar to a landing page in its design principles, they’re actually two different types of webpages. To better understand the purpose of a high-converting squeeze page and how it relates to your funnel, read this article on What is a Squeeze Page.