Is GrooveFunnels a Pyramid Scheme?

Groove JV Partner Program Groove is the world's number one digital marketing platform, but it also includes a business opportunity, built-in. It's called an affiliate program, which means you can earn commissions referring customers. Unlike a pyramid scheme, no investment is required! There are no monthly fees, or minimum sales to

GrooveDigital Academy: What’s In It For You?

Free Groove Training The most important resource that you can use to ensure your success is money. You need money to invest in yourself, specifically in two things. Tools: you need the right software to run your online business. Luckily Groove provides you with that for free, and  Education: you need

GroovePages Tutorial: How To Add An Email Pop Up

Lead Generation: Pop-Ups Pop-Ups aren't the same as they used to be! Instead of the brand new window, it's a frame that opens up inside the same page that your lead is visiting. This is a great way to connect your leads to your subscription list, either when they enter or

GroovePages Tutorial: How To Make A Squeeze Page

Building A Squeeze Page With Groove.CM An essential element to getting your digital business off the ground is using a squeeze page. This is a short page with limited content, mostly a headline, a sub-headline, maybe some images, or a video. And finally, a call to action to fill out a

Top Struggles Facing Social Media Marketing Agencies

The digital age has revolutionized the way that marketing works. It goes on an ever-changing pace to the point that what might be relevant a few months ago is obsolete today. It created ease for the world as consumers can digest a heap of content in a short amount of time. This has also

Module 5 – Imperfect Action Challenge

Welcome back to the fifth module of the Imperfect Action Challenge! Congratulations on making your way through to the final session. Before we wrap up, have you posted your progress in the Facebook group? We’d love to see what you’ve done! Take a screenshot and share it with #imperfectactionchallenge This module is a guided

Module 3 – Imperfect Action Challenge

Welcome back to the third module of the Imperfect Action Challenge! In this module, there’s a guided step-by-step tutorial on how to connect your funnel to a custom domain, set up products in GrooveSell™ and publish your pages online. Now that you’ve made your way through the planning process (Module 1) as well

Module 2 – Imperfect Action Challenge

Welcome back to the second module of the Imperfect Action Challenge! By now, you should have signed up for your free Groove account, if you hadn’t already, and watched Module 1 of this series. It’s our hope that you are now feeling super inspired and have the extra bit of confidence, after taking small

Cheat Sheet For Blogging (Pt III)

Cheat Sheet For Beginner Bloggers: Hacks & Tips (Part III) We’re back with the third and final cheat sheet in this beginner blogger series! Intended to help you increase organic traffic, consumer engagement, and revenue growth, by “simply” writing clickable blog posts. Keep this handy for when you start planning your content ideas and

Module 1 – Imperfect Action Challenge

Welcome to the first module of the Imperfect Action Challenge! In this module, we’ll get into some planning and look at what you can achieve in the next couple of weeks. You’ll first have to sign up for your free Groove account, if you haven’t already, for everything you need to build out your

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