GrooveDigital Academy: What’s In It For You?

Free Groove Training The most important resource that you can use to ensure your success is money. You need money to invest in yourself, specifically in two things. Tools: you need the right software to run your online business. Luckily Groove provides you with that for free, and  Education: you need

GroovePages Tutorial: How To Make A Squeeze Page

Building A Squeeze Page With Groove.CM An essential element to getting your digital business off the ground is using a squeeze page. This is a short page with limited content, mostly a headline, a sub-headline, maybe some images, or a video. And finally, a call to action to fill out a

How To Create The Perfect About Me Page

Ready to get personal? It’s the nightmare page from your college admissions process all over again. You’ve passed your SATS, acquired the letters of recommendation, and narrowed down your choices. Now all you have to do is write that personal letter. Hours slip by and it still sits there, mocking you straight to your

Blogging for Non-Dummies

How to Create a Blog That Doesn’t Fade Away It would be nice if you could obnoxiously wave your hand in front of someone’s face while saying, “This is the blog you’re looking for.” Yet without actual Jedi powers, this sadly does nothing (I have data). Fortunately, while mastering the art of mind control

New Templates Released Week Ending 09-25-20

We released new attractive and thoroughly designed templates on 9/25. These templates include the following: Course Home Template About Me Page Course Page Course Sales Page Course Pricing Page Testimonial Page Sales Page To access these templates, simply log into your dashboard. All of these are available to Pro members. And great news –

GrooveFunnels™ Featured Updates: Week Ending 09-11-20

Welcome to the GrooveFunnels™ featured updates for this week. You can find the list of releases from our Development and Design teams below. Please note that this may include an overview of new launches, bug fixes and feature improvements. For more detailed information, kindly refer back to our community and support channels, where additional

Groove Special Presentation: The Return of Butterfly Marketing

Original Air Date: Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 Rich Schefren interviews Mike Filsaime live about the Butterfly Marketing effect from 2006 and all the butterfly effects that occurred over the past 14 years to transform GrooveDigital™ into the dominant empire it has become today. P.S. At Groove Digital™, we are committed to

GrooveFunnels™ Featured Updates: Week Ending 08-07-20

Welcome to the GrooveFunnels™ featured updates for this week. You can find the list of releases from our Development and Design teams below. GrooveVideo™ The long-anticipated release has arrived with the launch of GrooveVideo™ this week. GrooveVideo™ is comparable to other video platforms, such as Wistia, that allows you to revolutionize your video