New Templates Released Week Ending 10-09-20

We have recently released new templates on 10/09. Designed to showcase all your professional needs. These templates include: Dentist Homepage Dentist Thank you page Dentist Scheduling Page Agency Home page Agency Service Page Agency

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New Templates Released Week Ending 10-02-20

We have recently released new improved templates on 10/02. Perfectly customizable to showcase your service. These templates include: Mastermind Template Mastermind Order Form Photography About Me Page Photography Collections Page Photography Scheduling Page Photography

How To Create The Perfect About Me Page

Ready to get personal? It’s the nightmare page from your college admissions process all over again. You’ve passed your SATS, acquired the letters of recommendation, and narrowed down your choices. Now all you have

Blogging for Non-Dummies

How to Create a Blog That Doesn’t Fade Away It would be nice if you could obnoxiously wave your hand in front of someone’s face while saying, “This is the blog you’re looking for.”

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More Partners Can Mean More Problems

Mo’ Partners Mo’ (Potential) Problems How to guarantee that your two heads don’t bite each other on your shared business butt Two heads are better than one, right? Eh... hold on for a second...

The Marketing Experience Episode 2

The Marketing Experience Podcast, Episode 2 In this episode, President and CEO of Strategic Profits Rich Schefren joins the Groove Team to discuss scaling and business strategy. Groove Digital CEO Mike Filsaime, Groove President