Cheat Sheet For Beginner Bloggers: Hacks & Tips (Part III)

We’re back with the third and final cheat sheet in this beginner blogger series! Intended to help you increase organic traffic, consumer engagement, and revenue growth, by “simply” writing clickable blog posts. Keep this handy for when you start planning your content ideas and also keep the different formats in mind when presenting your content to your audience. Trust us, it will help.

At this stage, you’ve presumably tested the waters by writing a couple of blog posts inspired by Part I and Part II in this cheat sheet series. Truth is, we can provide you with some of the most easily replicable and successful blog formats to date, but it’s entirely up to you to tweak each idea to be best suited for your business and your audience – and execute, of course. In Part III, it’s time to move on to one of the most popular blog formats on the internet: Hacks and tips.


Despite the current restrictions when it comes to travel, both domestic and international, it is always a popular topic for online searches. Perhaps even more so right now, as people are optimistically dreaming of their future getaways. There’s something exciting about spotting an exotic location on social media, even if it is a #ThrowbackThursday, and then immediately looking it up online.

Now, think about your audience and their ideal travel destination or even type of vacation. Budget trips? Luxury stays? Eco-friendly modes of transportation? If you have information on your website that relates to a certain region, find a connection and take advantage of that by writing a travel tips blog. This will drive certain clientele to your site, and you can make use of internal links to redirect them to relevant offerings. Plus, it’s really fun to research.


As far as clickable and shareable blog posts go, health-related blogs are right up there. Be it mental, physical, or emotional advice, people are naturally curious when it comes to health tips and tricks. And very easily persuaded, we might add. Every week, something new is discovered and a new trend pops up. It makes for great content when you can find an angle to tie it into your offering or brand. Perhaps you’re selling an online course, you could write a blog post on the benefits of sleep for retaining information.

Fitness has historically been one of the most shared genres on the internet. People want the quickest and easiest way to improve their health overnight. Take a look at BuzzSumo, who report that the best tactic is to search Google for fitness blogs and find what the industry is buzzing about, and then relate it to your business in your own blog post. Clever!


Do more in less time? That’s the dream! People are generally open to learning about new tools, technologies, or tips that will help them do more, faster. Content that is focused on gaining the ultimate commodity, time, is wildly popular. You don’t have to search long to see this theme come up again and again.

Find a unique angle on how to include productivity tips in your product benefits, or even just tips that are effective and relevant to your target audience. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but you can find some unique insight or relevant anecdotal advice.


There will, almost always, be parents in your audience. One survey found that millennials get 74% of their news online, so you’re bound to have young parents seeking out information online. There are a lot of dedicated parenting blogs that serve as important resources, but your blog can also tap into that readership by just examining their lifestyle and pain points.

Determine what types of problems parents experience for which you can provide a solution, or even just provide a bit of comedic relief and entertainment. Parents are notoriously strapped for time, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re hitting the mark on your copy and providing extra value through easy navigation and backlinks.


Companies like Groove who offer software services, or any other tech-based companies, will have to include technical support in their content. It’s inevitable that your user base will run into some IT issues, and it’s a strategic move to curate an online, accessible space in the form of a searchable blog with high-quality walkthroughs.

While this is often done in video format or through live webinars, just like Groove does, all that can also be repurposed and translated into a blog – for a variety of beneficial reasons but the main one being SEO. It’s very common for people to look out for troubleshooting tips and tech walkthroughs online, as they speak to a specific pain point and can instantly alleviate frustration with a clear answer or resource pointer.



“Rumour has it…” that every industry is plagued by myths. A popular way to connect with your audience is to debunk commonly held misconceptions or beliefs. Without even realizing it, you may have already encountered some popular misconceptions from your own experience. Just think about all of those things that really irk you, and write about them to explain exactly why. It’s the perfect place to (carefully) vent your own frustrations through educational content.

Or you could do some good ol’ investigation and research things that you don’t even know! Ultimately, if you want to succeed in myth busting, you’ve got to kill the myth with some data-driven evidence to support your claim.

Myth Busters


Decisions, decisions. There’s nothing like getting stuck in the endless loop of product comparison. It’s pretty universal that people look things up online before making a purchase, but even more so when faced with deciding between two or more similar products. So, take advantage of this and write your own review!
Be it a stand alone review for your product, or a comparison between your product and another brand’s product. This is also a good opportunity to make use of some engaging infographics or visual cues.

It’s hard to warn about objectivity and bias, as it’s inevitably skewed towards your offering, but try to be as authentic and fair as possible. Write down the pros and the cons, and then ultimately highlight your recommendations.


There you have it, a total of 21 proven ideas throughout this cheat sheet series for beginner bloggers. The idea is for you to have clear starting points for writing, with real-life examples, that are easily replicated without the need to pay a professional writer. You’ll also want to ensure that your content is timely and relevant when it comes to your marketing strategy, as popular topics come in and out each week.

Don’t overcomplicate it, really, just start publishing as soon as possible. And once you do, let us know in the comments what worked for you. That being said, get writing!

7 Ideas For Clickable Blog Posts:

  • Niche Travel Tips
  • Health Tips
  • Productivity Hacks
  • Tips For Parents
  • Tech & Troubleshoot Walkthroughs
  • Myth Busters
  • Reviews and Comparisons