Welcome to the first module of the Imperfect Action Challenge!

In this module, we’ll get into some planning and look at what you can achieve in the next couple of weeks.

You’ll first have to sign up for your free Groove account, if you haven’t already, for everything you need to build out your funnel.

But if you’re wondering what the purpose of this challenge is, first ask yourself if you ever find yourself stuck in procrastination when it comes to building your funnel? Do you allow yourself to get caught up in the nitty-gritty details? It happens to us all, but it hinders your progress.

So, think of this as time to condition yourself into better habits through taking action – any kind of action. Imperfect action, really. People usually don’t think they are capable of doing something until they are challenged to do so. But by the end of this challenge, you’re going to have built a funnel from scratch that’ll be ready to promote and make money – without costing hundreds of dollars to get started.

Just get it done! That’s our mantra for this challenge.

Good to know stuff before we begin:

  • No platinum account needed
  • No product needed
  • No previous knowledge necessary
  • No creatives needed
  • No pre-written copy needed
  • No (money) investment needed

Module #1 Recap: Introduction

If you want to view the entire video with clickable chapters and show notes, watch the replay here

1. Search for PLR Products Online

  • Head over to www.idplr.com or any other PLR site
  • Indigitalworks.com gives you free access to 2 Gold Products
  • Free and paid memberships are available, but you don’t have to upgrade
  • Browse the products
  • Read about licencing for different sharing permissions

2. Find and Explore Products

You can see all the free content when you click on Preview, Ecovers, Sales Pages, Mockups, etc.

  • Some products have premade thank you pages
  • Some products have premade email sequences
  • Some products already have copy

When you’re interested in the product, it will be easier for you because it won’t feel like a burden to sell so you might be more successful with something you enjoy.

3. Download your selected product and review the assets

  • Click on Download – Product Review

David selected a Healthy Eating Guide. It includes an ebook (the main product), a cheatsheet, a mind map, already-made sales page, legal policy, support page, and a PowerPoint with a video sales letter.

Overall, David has evaluated this product and decided it’s a great product that can be used for the purpose of this challenge.

You can also look for a freebie to give away and then use the ebook as an upsell.

  • Find a related freebie

David found a book titled, “Sugar: Is it the new enemy?” which will now be used as a lead magnet for list building so it will be given away for free.

4. Create a structure of how it will look – on paper or software

  • Use funnelytics.io
  • Select New Funnel and name it
  • Create different types of pages in the builder

The pages that you will create are dependent on the assets in your PLR product. So, you’ll first want to review your product and determine the pages you’ll need for your funnel. Generally speaking, as shown in David’s example, here’s what you’re going to need to create:

  1. Opt In Page. This is where visitors can enter their information in exchange for access to the freebie.
  2. Sales Page. This is where visitors land after they have entered their information for the freebie, so that you can entice them with your sales offer and CTA. a.Thank You Page – No
  3. Order Page. This is this page you will need to connect to GrooveSell™ so the customers can input their payment information
  4. Upsell Page. This is where you can present another offering to the customer before they exit your sales funnel.
    a.Thank You Page – Upsell.
    b.Thank You Page – No Upsell.

5. Prepare for the build – creating your pages in GroovePages

  • Log into Groove
  • Look for a nice opt in page template
  • Use a button like “Sign up” or “Grab yours now”

From the pop up, you can send them to the sales page. You can create one yourself as well, it’s up to you especially if you have the free account because perhaps you don’t have the free lifetime account templates.

There was an already-made sales page from the main product download.

  • Create an empty page
  • Try to copy and create something similar to the product
  • Move on to the thank you page

Thank you page:

  • Look for a template for the thank you page for the opt in page
  • Pick a template or create one
  • Name it

The next page would be created in GrooveSell, so again skip that for now. Then the next page is another thank you/ upsell page.

You would also have to make a Privacy Policy and the appropriate legal pages, which we received in the product download.

And, finally, a support page is not really necessary – but perhaps it would help you if that’s what you want.


“Just pick something and go.”
Complete your structure like the example above and post your progress in the Facebook group with #imperfectactionchallenge


Q&A Session:

Q: Do we have to use a product from IDPLR ?
A: No, you use do your own. It’s just easier for now because it’s all done for you already. This is just to get people up and running as quickly as possible.

Q: So do we set up the opt-in page in GrooveFunnels?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you be showing us how to drive traffic to our funnel as well?
A: I’ll try and give you some tips and tricks for that, but I haven’t planned that yet. I’ll also show you how to get some affiliates and help you with videos.

Q: Can you go over GroovePages and GrooveFunnels again, please? What’s the difference between the two?
A: Pages is the normal pages on the side, with much more functionality and different options for A/B testing in funnel features. But for now it’s only for organization, so you separate it away from the main pages.

Q: Can we connect Payoneer with GrooveSell?
A: Not at this point.

Q: When will we have access to the replay?
A: After I finish this broadcast.

Q: How do we connect our GrooveSell page to our funnel? Also, can we use the PLR products as bonuses to promote GrooveFunnels affiliate?
A: We will go over that in Module 3. Yes, you can use it as bonuses if the licence says you can.
Just look at the PLR licence and it will tell you what you may or may not do with it.

Q: Is the price already on the product?
A: No, you decide that.

Q: Do you know pages but Spanish pages?
A: You can do the translation. I can’t help you with Spanish, but if you find a Spanish product you can do it yourself.

Q: The package for Funnelitics doesn’t show if it’s unlimited, but perhaps it is?
A: You don’t have to worry about that, as you only need one.

Q: Can you please share the presentation to follow the steps?
A: Absolutely, you can find it in the Facebook group and the YouTube channel too.

Q: Can we add Facebook pixels to these funnels?
A: Yes.

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