Groove’s development and design teams have very recently updated the GroovePages™ page builder. Have you noticed anything new? A new… look… perhaps? Without wasting more time that could be spent building and sharing funnels (you heard right, sharing funnels), here’s the highlights of things recently updated and fixed:

GrooveMail™ email marketing software: Forms, Campaigns and Sequences
GroovePages™ funnel builder: New deployment, layout, and features added
GrooveSell™ sales system: Checkout form update and leaderboard release
GrooveVideo™ marketing-oriented video player: UI upgrade
GrooveMember™ membership site builder: Minor UI changes & bugs fixed

As always, you can find our target dates in the rollout schedule.

GrooveMail™ Autoresponder & CRM

Since the very recent release of GrooveMail™, we’ve been happy to see so many Groovesters who are giving it a go. Always keep in mind that the software is in beta, but rest assured we are hard at work busy with the updates in order to have a better functioning base platform for the upcoming new features and addons. We want it to be just as great as you do!

Here’s some of what we’ve recently fixed:


  • Form not accepting checkbox values and giving 500 error
  • In custom field, identifier should not accept special character like space, commas, pipe, &*%^()
  • Create form -> add a custom field -> field identifier and field label does not reset to default
  • Create form -> add a custom field-> 500 error in standard URL
  • Create form -> text missing in button
  • Getting confirmation email even for single opt-in form

Campaigns & Sequences:

  • Email was not going due to exception in send mail job
  • Showing status as ‘draft’ for every sequence in the sequence listing

GroovePages™ Page Builder

Groove’s development and design teams have had a little bit of fun as they’ve released delayed animation in GroovePages™ page builder. This is a very small but extremely fun deployment that is bound to get you excited when building your new landing page. And even if your audience doesn’t fully appreciate it, we know you will!

Delayed animation is now available and it is so much fun. What’s even more exciting is that you can use delayed animation on either blocks or elements. Yup. That’s right. Elements! You know that really important button that you want to use for that really important CTA? Let that little guy make a real entrance with a 5 second delay.

We know, we know… We could have stopped right there. But as much as we love deploying, we also love fixing.

The Undo/Redo buttons now work with layout drag handles!

There’s nothing like that moment of sheer panic when you search for the Undo button and hope you’ll get another chance. Don’t take the Undo/Redo buttons for granted, is all we’re saying.

But before you run off and play with the delayed animation, you should first check out our brand new layout! Spend some time playing around with the different categories and selection options for choosing templates, even if to just familiarize yourself with what’s available.

But wait… there’s more…

You’ll also see a very, very exciting funnel feature added this week: share site functionality. You are now able to add on funnel pages, create multiple funnels, and share funnels with the affiliate link attached!

Can we get a big HOORAH for this one, please?

When you’re done cheering, you can read this list of features and updates in GroovePages™ this week:

Added: Share site functionality
Added: Funnel organisation
Added: Full site/funnel templates
Improved: Autosave after editing page/site settings
Improved: Previous search term no longer retained in sites dashboard search bar
Fixed: Deleting a site sometimes doesn’t remove published page
Fixed: Unable to select new tab in tab element
Fixed: Checkbox sometimes unclickable
Fixed: Breakpoint specific styles sometimes not showing correctly
Fixed: Freshly dropped collapse element not opening/closing


Give me the money! Am I right?

The GrooveSell™ integration config menu settings were sometimes not available to select. Oops! We didn’t mean to get between you and your money. When setting up your checkout form, it’s now simpler than ever!


GrooveVideo™ marketing-oriented video player gives you access to detailed video analytics, as well as the power to modify and automate the user’s experience based on their behavior. As the dev and design teams have been working on this part of the GrooveFunnels™ suite of products, they have now upgraded to a new and improved User Interface on the Dashboard. Another fun thing to play around with this week!


These days, building membership websites is definitely one of the most profitable online businesses! If you have content or services that you can monetize through a paid monthly subscription, for example, why not give it a go? There have also been some User Interfaces changes to the Dashboard to create a better user experience, along with some minor bug fixes in GrooveMember™ this week.

This means that the builder is much more stable and issues with categories have been resolved! Plus, if you were experiencing issues with the, it has now been resolved.

JV Affiliates

Last but not least… Calling all JV Affiliates. Attention, please!

Ready to see who the top performing affiliates are and have real-time sales tracking?

No need to answer that, we know you are! That’s why we are super excited to share…


Take your affiliate marketing game to the next level by embedding this into your website to show which affiliate is in the lead and which players are racing their way to the top.

And let’s not forget to mention one of the best parts of keeping a leaderboard: Prizes!
(Did you see that there’s over $150,000 in Prizes for JV Affiliates during Groove’s Grand Opening, October 6th-October 19th?)

We are waiting in anticipation to see our incredibly talented JV Affiliates rise to the challenge and get themselves on the top of the leaderboard. We want to see you WIN!

That’s all for now, so until next time! For an updated list of target release and rollout dates, please visit our page with the 2020 rollout schedule here.