Lifetime Free Youzign Account

$49/yr + 997 bonus

Create All the Visuals You’ll Ever Need to Promote Your Business in Minutes with Youzign

Whether you’re removing a background, creating a new Facebook cover, modifying ad visuals, or even building a 3D mockup - you can do it in minutes with Youzign.

Your free Youzign account includes:

  • Lifetime free access to Youzign

  • Access to millions of visuals you can use in your designs

  • 200+ templates, including over 65 different social media formats

  • 1-click background removal

  • Use your own fonts and images

  • Create unlimited designs, save up to 3 designs at once

  • Free weekly training webinars

  • Free lifetime updates

  • And to ensure your success, we’ve included an exclusive 30 day "Groovezign" Brand Makeover Challenge. With over 20 hours of step-by-step branding and digital marketing video training tailored for GrooveFunnels™ users, you will learn how to create a customer persona, brand strategy, brand identity, and winning website. 

    You’re only days away from finally building the brand you always dreamed of.

    Lifetime Free 22apps Account


    Build an App to Increase Engagement and Sales Without Learning to Code Using 22apps

    Think of how many times you look at your phone and home screen apps every single day. Leverage that tendency to increase leads, sales, and brand awareness with your very own app. 

    Create your app in minutes with 22apps - no code or development team needed. Simply customize a highly optimized app template or build from scratch using the 22apps drag-and-drop interface. 

    You free 22apps account includes:

  • Access to build your own custom app with full navigation

  • Integration with the Apple and Android app stores for maximum visibility

  • Bandwidth and hosting

  • Full access to all premium elements

  • Instant and unlimited app updates

  • Unlimited push notifications

  • Highly optimized app templates

  • Fully customizable app pages (with unlimited content per page)

  • Customized app logo and splash screen

  • Lifetime software and app updates

  • In-app webpage links

  • Platinum training and courses

  • Full access to testing and app demos

  • Releases early 2021

  • Lifetime Free GrooveKart™ Account


    Sell Products Online Without Worrying About Inventory or Shipping Using GrooveKart

    Get GrooveKart™ - the most effective way to start and run an eCommerce site - for free. Whether it's digital or physical products, print-on-demand or dropshipping, everything you need to start and run an eCommerce site is seamlessly built in.

    Never worry about inventory, warehousing, or shipping.

    GrooveKart™ includes high converting templates, timers, social proof, reviews, upsells, and more. And if you are new to eCommerce, our easy to follow training will set you on the path to success.

    Your free GrooveKart™ account includes:

  • 1-click upsells, order bumps, coupons, and discounts

  • Custom domains

  • Tracking pixels and retargeting

  • Store designer and landing page builder, just drag-and-drop

  • 450 pre-made blocks to build pages, funnels, and complete sites

  • Social proof pop-ups

  • Hundreds of hot selling designs included

  • Professional printing and fulfillment

  • Access to millions of products with automated dropshipping

  • Lifetime Free Slingly Account


    Gain Access to Thousands of Products You Can Sell Now with Slingly

    Don’t have a product to sell? No problem. Slingly makes It easy to sell and fulfill thousands of professional print on demand products with only a few clicks.

    Your store can be up and running, full of products to sell in only a few days.

    Your free Slingly account includes:

  • Access to over 18,000 ready-made products

  • One-click integration with GrooveKart™

  • Store and ad images created for you automatically

  • High-converting Facebook approved images

  • Print-on-demand designs and physical products you can add to your store with 1 click

  • Auto-fulfillment, meaning you never have to fulfill an order

  • Access to make unlimited merchandise across jewelry, apparel, and much more!

  • Lifetime Free Chatmatic Account


    Convert Leads to Buyers Faster with Conversational Marketing using Chatmatic

    With Chatmatic you can generate more sales and build better customer relationships by meeting your customers where they are - messenger.

    Messenger is used by almost 2 Billion people, and Chatmatic lets you fully automate the conversational process inside messenger.

    With Chatmatic you can turn Facebook post comments into Messenger conversations, setup campaigns to market to your audience via Messenger, and more.

    Your free Chatmatic account includes:

  • Full software access

  • All Pro features

  • Ability to manage every aspect of your Messenger automations

  • Brand New drag-and-drop sequence builder

  • Create links, buttons, chat widgets, and much more in SECONDS

  • Full Live Chat Functionality with your subscribers

  • Integrated Text Messaging

  • Membership to our Training and support group

  • Lifetime Free ReviewTrust™ and FTC Guardian Account

    ReviewTrust™: $180/yr

    FTC Guardian: $288/yr

    Boost Sales Automatically by Collecting Reviews and Testimonials with ReviewTrust

    Quickly and easily display testimonials and reviews on your website, blog, or storefront automatically.

    The process is simple - all you need to do is copy and paste. Then let ReviewTrust contact your customers, collect the reviews, and display them where you specify.

    Your free ReviewTrust™ account includes:

  • Single site license, up to 25 reviews collected

  • One campaign

  • 14 customized ReviewTrust™ banners

  • Collect text, video, and audio reviews

  • Display reviews in 3 simple steps

  • Direct integration with the most popular online shopping carts including GrooveKart™ and GrooveSell™

  • Several widgets and testimonial blocks, 100% customizable to match your website

  • Leverage the power of social proof to boost conversions and sales

  • Your free FTC Guardian account includes:

  • Website legal documents

  • Use of FTC Guardian Trust Seal

  • 1 hour online compliance training with Chip Cooper, Esq.

  • Get Started Right Now For Free!
    GrooveDigital™ Logo



    The GrooveDigital™ software company dev and design teams are working hard to add more features and tools to help you succeed.

    You can find our target dates below for new features and apps coming soon. Please keep in mind that these dates are more of a guideline rather than a guarantee.

    Our team always goes above and beyond, but sometimes our target dates may shift due to development factors or unforeseen circumstances. Do not use our projected releases to time important promotions in your own business.


    If you have a specific feature request, please visit the Feature Request Portal.



    July 22

    GrooveProof™ Social Proof Widget = Released!

    Add the power of social proof to your website with the GrooveProof™ widget. This feature displays a popup on your site showing recent purchases or signups. You can see it in action in the lower left corner of this page. This small feature of GrooveSell™ sales system is proven to increase your conversion rate of both signups and sales.

    How to use the GrooveProof™ widget


    July 24

    NMI Merchant Processing Integration = Released!

    Use your NMI account for processing payments with GrooveSell™ sales system. This integration opens up credit card payment processing options for a larger number of Groovesters both in and outside of the US.


    July 27

    New Affiliate Dashboard- with Second-Tier Affiliates = Released!

    Gain access to sub-affiliate reporting that allows you to see details by the vendor, such as all the people that signed up underneath you, how many visitors they sent, sales made, how many referrals made, commissions earned, and commissions they’ve made for you. We’re also continuing to add filters and many types of reports.


    July 29

    Coupons = Released!

    Bring in new customers, build awareness, and increase sales by offering discounts with coupons.

    Here is a video on using the new coupon system in the GrooveSell™ sales system.


    July 31

    PayPal Commerce = Released!

    Take control of recurring billing. PayPal Commerce allows GrooveFunnels™ website and funnel builder to control recurring billing, similar to or Stripe. This stops your buyers from being able to cancel their subscription without going through your system so you have a chance to save the sale. We handle all the complexity and simply tell PayPal what to charge.



    August 10

    Groove Video™ = Released!

    GrooveVideo™ marketing-oriented video player gives you not only access to detailed video analytics, but also the power to modify and automate the user’s experience based on their behavior.

    Introduction to GrooveVideo™ video marketing software


    August 11

    Integration: WebinarJam/ EverWebinar = Released!

    Pull details such as new registrations, user attendance, and more so you can quickly follow up and close more sales to your webinar attendees and registrants.


    August 14

    Timed and Animated Elements = Released

    Stop scaring away potential buyers by overwhelming them with information. Timed elements give you the ability to set a time delay for any element or block, such as pricing, until you want them to see it.

    Animations, such as fade-in, bounce, and slide in from the left, will help call attention to specific areas and increase conversions. Add animations to headlines, images, buttons, and more.


    August 19

    GrooveMember™ Membership Site Builder = Released 

    Create a membership site within minutes using GrooveMember™membership site builder. You’ll be able to drip content, gate content, offer free or paid multiple levels of access, and more.


    August 21

    Partner Contracts = Released

    Want to join forces with another Groovester to create and sell a product or service? Groove Partner Contracts will let us take the hassle out of managing the finances. We’ll handle paying affiliates and distributing the revenue based on your agreement.


    August 24

    Import Pages = Released

    Our exclusive technology allows you to import any page on the web and then edit in our drag-and-drop builder. 

    import preview


    August 24

    Customer and Cart Abandons Tabs = Released!

    GrooveSell™ sales system lets you have an unlimited number of customers and cart abandonment leads for free. You’ll be able to easily email your customers and automatically email your abandoned cart leads… all at the free account level.


    August 25

    Wistia Integration= Released

    Easily add Wistia videos to your webpages by dragging in a Wistia player from the page builder components.


    August 26

    GrooveSell™ Marketplace = Released

    The GrooveSell™ Marketplace gives you an excellent opportunity to get your products and services in front of potential affiliates so you can build an army of commissioned salespeople that will grow your business and increase sales.


    August 28

    Order Bumps and Custom Domains for Checkouts, Affiliate Links and Tracking Links = Delayed

    We’re excited about Order Bumps because they can add 15 to 20% to your company’s bottom line. Order Bumps are technically pre-transaction upsells. When someone is in the checkout and ready to buy, it’s a great time to offer them a related product for a great value. Would you like fries with that?

    Now your checkout pages will be delivered on your custom domain rather than our default url. Your affiliate and tracking links will also entirely reflect your branding.

    UPDATE: Order bumps are live. Custom Domains are targeted to be released October 23rd.


    August 31

    GrooveMail™ Autoresponder and CRM = Released

    GrooveMail™ autoresponder and CRM is a world-class email marketing CRM with tags for automation, text and voice broadcasting integrations, email sequencing and broadcasting, email split testing and more!

    UPDATE: Automations are in testing and the target is to release on October 9th.



    September 01

    Improved GrooveFunnels™ and GrooveSell™ Integration for Checkout Forms = Released!

    You’ll be able to select a product or price from a dropdown to automatically generate beautifully styled checkout forms on your page, putting an end to copying and pasting embed codes.


    September 02

    On-Canvas Controls for Spacing, Columns, and Layout

    We’re making it easier for you to build pages. You’ll be able to “drag” the padding and margin.


    September 03

    Kajabi Integration: Released!

    You’ll be able to add a customer to a Kajabi subscription, course, or digital product upon purchasing. If the customer cancels or refunds, the system will remove their access in Kajabi. This is great for users who have existing memberships with the Kajabi service.


    September 04

    Cookie Acceptance Popup = Released!

    Let your website visitors know what cookies and trackers are used on your site and give them the option to accept or not.


    September 17

    Integration: SendShark

    Enroll new subscribers and customers in SendShark autoresponders.

    Note: Sendshark does not have an API and is unable to do a direct integration


    September 17

    Integration: SendShark

    Enroll new subscribers and customers in SendShark autoresponders.

    Note: Sendshark does not have an API and is unable to do a direct integration



    October 05

    Share Funnels (with an Affiliate Link!) and Funnel Organization - Released!

    You can share funnels via link or by email address. The recipient will be able to accept if they have a GrooveFunnels™ account or be prompted to create a free account. New signups are automatically tagged with their affiliate link!

    Funnel organization helps you see all the pages within a funnel, what the pages look like, and their stats, such as visitors, sessions, CTR, and more.


    October 14

    More GrooveSell™ Functionality (GrooveSell™ Payments, Recurring Installments, PayPal Risk Mitigation, and Multiple Currencies) = Delayed

    GrooveSell™ Payments is an optional service for members. Let Groove handle all the payments, affiliate payouts, tax, and accounting headaches for approved products. and more.

    UPDATE: Delayed until October 23rd.


    October 15

  • GrooveKart Logo

    The ALL NEW GrooveKart™ Ecommerce Platform

  • GrooveKart™ ecommerce platform comes with print-on-demand and dropshipping integrations built-in, making it the most effective way to start and run an ecommerce site. Includes high converting templates, timers, social proof, reviews, upsells, and more.

    UPDATE: Released early on October 6th.


    October 16

    Hybrid Affiliate Program = Released!

    With the hybrid affiliate program commissions will be split between first tag and “assist.” This means that if someone upgrades because of your webinar, then the commission will be split between you and the person that introduced the user to Groove.


    October 16

    Video Backgrounds

    You’ll be able to add a video that auto-plays in the background of a page section.


    October 16

    Braintree Integration

    Accept and process payments using Braintree.


    October 19

    Integration: Pipedrive

    Share leads with Pipedrive to manage your sales team.


    October 21

    New Dashboard and Analytics

    You will have a true dashboard that displays analytics for each of your Groove products. You’ll be able to customize the sections and quick links with what’s important to you.

    UPDATE: New target date expected October 28th.


    October 25

    GroovePay™ PayFac Integration

    Groovesters now have access to GroovePay's PayFac service, where we can grant merchant accounts to qualified members. GroovePay™ Pro is also available for higher volume accounts. Both will be fully integrated with the GrooveSell™ sales system.


    Improved Publishing For GroovePages™ Page Builder and SSLs

    You’ll no longer need a free Cloudflare account. We’ll handle all the details for account hosting and publishing on the backend.


    October 30

    GDPR Compliance

    You’ll be able to turn on GDPR functionality in your account enabling GDPR compliant forms, GDPR delete functionality, and more.


    October 30

    List Imports

    You’ll be able to import your lists into GrooveMail™ autoresponder and CRM.

    October 30

    All remaining features in the GrooveSell™ sales system widget You’ll gain additional features and more flexibility, with 1-click confirmations and ROSCA compliance.

    November 5

    On-canvas layout improvement for complex flexbox layouts and multiple rows With just one click, you’ll be able to adjust the alignment of an element, change the number of columns, and add rows.


    The following items are all planned for Q4 2020. We’ll provide more specific dates as we approach October. In no particular order...


    Manage multiple Groove accounts under a single login.


    Similar to WordPress plugins, iPhone apps, and Chrome extensions, we’re opening up so people can develop apps for our platform. This means that you will not have to wait for cool features or things that may not be part of our vision. We’ll even have a store where you can buy apps (or sell them, if you’re a developer!)

    GroovePages™ Marketplace

    Groove users will be able to sell their page, funnel and website designs in the GroovePages™ Marketplace.

    Split Testing

    Increase conversions with professional level split testing on your pages. Test, tweak, and convert more prospects.

    GrooveBlog™ Blogging Functionality

    The days of managing multiple plugins, updates, and malware are finally over! You’ll no longer have to manage your blog somewhere else or deal with tech headaches or software updates that break your whole site while you sleep. Now you can rest easy knowing your blog and your main sales site are securely hosted.

    GrooveDesk™ Helpdesk Software

    Support, engage, and delight your customers with our built-in help desk. GrooveDesk™ helpdesk suite will include team inboxes, ticket management, live chat, and more.

    GrooveSurvey™ Survey Feature

    Improve your messaging, products, and more by gathering and analyzing feedback with GrooveSurvey™ survey software.

    GrooveCalendar™ Scheduling System

    GrooveCalendar™ scheduling software makes it easier for your leads to schedule meetings with you. The hassle of 5 emails back and forth to set a date are over. Set which dates you have available. Your prospects choose which slot suits them, and voila! Appointment set.

    GrooveWebinar™ Live Webinar Platform

    Host live webinars with all your favorite features and functionality. GrooveWebinar™ webinar platform integrates with all your pages, cart and funnels to maximize your sales.

    GrooveEvergreen™ Webinar System

    Save time by using pre-recorded webinars or videos as a live webinar. Massively improve attendance by offering “just-in-time” webinars at your prospects’ convenience. Simply show up for the Q and A at the end, or insert a chat roll from previous webinars.

    GrooveStream™ Live Streaming Software

    Stream to social media platforms. “Go live” on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube!

    Additional Users and Roles

    You’ll be able to add team members to your account and give them different levels of access. Protect your sensitive data, while still giving access to team members to get the help you need.

    Misc Services

    Funnelytics, Chatmatic, LiveWebinar, Easy Webinar, Kunaki, Lulu, Cello, YouZign, and Speaker Fulfillment Services.


    WishList Member, Thinkific, Teachable, LearnDash, Everlesson, Value Addon, Memberium, and MemberMouse.

    Mail Services

    ConvertKit, Sendlane, iContact, GoHighLevel, MailerLite, and Drip.

    Video Hosting

    Vidyard and vooPlayer.

    Affiliate Wallet

    We’re adding easier ways for you to connect to Zelle, instant bank transfers, and more - giving you 9 different ways to get paid.

    UPDATE: The target date for Affiliate Wallet is January 31st, 2021