Biljana Bogoevska: President

The Life of a Remote President, with Biljana Bogoevska Biljana was a high school exchange student when she traveled from Macedonia to Atlanta, Georgia by herself. Undeterred by the language barrier, which she soon mastered, she eventually came to call America home. She never would have imagined that her life in the USA would

Julie Delvalle: Assistant Investigator

The Life of a Remote Assistant Investigator, with Julie Delvalle When listening to Julie recount her career highlights, she lists off an impressive list of some of the world’s leading corporations, and that includes the likes of UPS, Concentrix, IBM, and Unilever. Born in the Philippines, Julie originally planned on becoming an elementary school

Best Merchant Services for Online Business

 Groovepay FAQ's So, now that you’ve got your website powered up, you’re officially in the business of selling products/services online. “Selling” being the operative word. You have to somehow process these transactions in order to exchange your offerings for some hard-earned cash. Fortunately, and not the least bit coincidentally, we have the perfect merchant