Kulsum Siddique: Quality Assurance Engineer

The Life of a Remote Quality Assurance Engineer, with Kulsum Siddique If there’s one person who knows all about putting your head down and just getting the work done, it’s Kulsum. She has worked in coding and software engineering since the start of her career; a career in one of the STEM disciplines that

Donna Fox: Chief Marketing Officer

The Life of a Remote CMO, with Donna Fox There’s at least one thing that each and every woman of Groove can agree on, and it’s the simple fact that we all strongly feel our values align with the person responsible for molding our company culture: Donna Fox. It’s no coincidence that being responsible

Apps To Keep You On Task

Productivity Apps To Keep You Off the Couch and On Task Who hasn’t found themselves at the end of a long day staring at something entertaining only to realize nothing useful got done? You are seen, reader. You are seen. That’s why you’ll be excited to know that the very devices that cause your