Funnels are great for everyone- except you, right?

Not at all!

Whether you’re a real-estate agent, a restaurateur, or an affiliate, sales funnels can help you. But how?

Prove That Funnels Can Help Me!

Sales funnels help businesses reach customers. Does your business need customers? Fantastic. I thought you’d say yes.

Isn’t My Website Enough?

No. Here’s the problem: the internet is cluttered. Nah, cluttered is too nice a word. The internet is packed with noise, content, and offers. When I say “packed,” I’m not meaning an orderly, Marie Kondo kind of packed.


We’re talking hoarders-style, grotesque, “I want to roll around in a puddle of hand-sanitizer” kind of packed. So, how do you get yourself away from that mess?

I’m just kidding! You don’t have to burn everything down, but you do need to think differently.

I Thought Sales Funnels Were Only For Products

That’s what they’re mainly used for, but you can also use funnels for many other things too. For people without products, the primary use for a funnel is lead generation.

This is because “sales funnels” are really just hyper-focused websites. They dispose of the distractions that lead your visitors everywhere except your leads-list. Now, let’s talk about lead generation a little bit.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is how you find new customers! When you get someone interested in your business to the point where they’re willing to have conversation with you, that person is a lead. It’s your job to turn leads into customers, but how do you get those leads?

With your funnels! Yes, you can generate leads from your website, but here’s a dirty little secret: websites are pretty bad at converting visitors into leads.

Why? Because websites are unfocused. There’s just too many things for people to do when they land on a website. You have very little control. You probably have a navigation menu full of options, and you probably have all of those social buttons too.

Here’s the thing, would you rather that person call you, or would you rather that person click on your Twitter button, then disappear forever? Pretty simple choice, right?

How Can I Generate Leads With Funnels?

Now you’re asking the right questions! The first thing you’ll learn about effective funnels is having an irresistible offer. So, what’s an irresistible offer? Sadly, that all depends on your business and your customers, but I’ll provide a few general ideas that might work.

The Discount

The discount is the workhorse of lead generation. It’s one of the simplest things to give away, and it helps lock in a sale. Not a bad way to generate a lead, right? You’ll see this kind of lead generation done all the time on sites like AppSumo and HelloFresh. Nothing more straight-forward than “give me your email, and I’ll give you this sweet discount.”

Digital Resources

This might not work as well for a business like a restaurant, but if you’re extra clever, you can usually figure something out for any business. For realtors, I could totally see them giving away a digital coupon book to local businesses, or a guide to their local area to help people who are moving to their city from out-of-state.

This option shines really well for affiliate marketers because you can create digital resources in so many different ways. You can create step-by-step walk-throughs, how-to guides, cheat-sheets, and other complimentary digital resources to anything you’re promoting.

Industry Newsletter

If you have your fingers on the pulse of a market then why not send out a monthly newsletter with your findings? This works especially well for real-estate. We have a local real-estate agent that mails everyone in our neighborhood a packet each quarter that contains all of the sale data and charts showing price movements and appreciation. You can bet he will be on our radar when we choose to sell.

This works best for business-to-business style businesses, but as you see, it can also work in the business-to-consumer realm if you do it right. Restaurants can do this by sending out newsletters of cool things they’re doing. We have a taco shop near us that makes a taco of the month, and they send us emails each month letting us know about it, the story behind the flavor, and all of the specials they’re running.

Free Time?

Yep! If you feel like you’re coming up blank, then why not offer up a little of your time for free? This might actually be the most powerful of my ideas on this list. This could even work for affiliates if the product they’re promoting is reasonably complex or technical. You’re the expert after all. Why not offer some initial assistance to get people moving in the right direction?

What I like best about this ideas is that it established confidence in a few ways:

  1. It shows you believe in the service or product.
  2. It makes your customer feel more comfortable that they aren’t alone after the purchase.
  3. It will help you build trust and authority with your customers.
  4. The “white glove” treatment might earn you more word-of-mouth referrals.

The Wrap-up

Funnels are just a focused way of directing your visitors attention. That’s it. You can direct their attention to buying a specific product, as many people do, or you can direct their attention to giving you their contact information. That’s exactly what I showed you in this article today.

If you’re ready to start generating leads with GrooveFunnels, then you should mosey on over to their sign-up form and give them a try.

Kris Phelps is the Founder of Fearlss, a digital marketing & education business, and co-stars in the digital marketing podcast, Fearlss Together.