Welcome to the GrooveFunnels™ featured updates for this week. You can find the list of releases from our Development and Design teams below.

Please note that this may include an overview of new launches, bug fixes and feature improvements. For more detailed information, kindly refer back to our community and support channels, where additional training on these topics may be provided or requested.


With GrooveFunnels™, you can now take control of recurring billing.

That’s because PayPal Commerce allows the GrooveFunnels™ website and funnel builder to control recurring billing, similar to Authorize.net or Stripe.

This stops your buyers from being able to cancel their subscriptions without first going through your system, so you can be notified of the cancellation request, giving you the chance to save the sale.

GrooveFunnels™ handles all the complexity and simply tell PayPal what to charge.


The GrooveSell™ Marketplace gives you an excellent opportunity to get your products and services in front of potential affiliates so you can build an army of commissioned salespeople that will grow your business and increase sales.

To access the GrooveSell™ Marketplace, you can go to this direct link: https://app.groovefunnels.com/groovesell/marketplace

Click here for a video training on the all-new GrooveSell™ Marketplace.

New Templates

Good news! We have also added new templates this week, with some of them accessible even for free members.

Here is a preview of the templates:

groovefunnels templates

P.S. At Groove Digital™, we are committed to your success. Our Development and Design teams are hard at work to add more features and tools to help you excel. We will also continue to provide you with new features and apps updates right here on our blog. If you have any feature requests, please feel free to submit them at our Feature Request Portal.