The NEW GroovePlex Studio

It is getting a 6-figure buildout.

Over time, we want to give it an ESPN / The Today Show / ELLEN SHOW quality-like buildout for the sets.

This is NOT an office; it is a creative space and studio.

It will feature a lounge, war room, gaming room with foosball and pool table, green room, and 4 sets.


Podcast Set.

This set will feature up to 6 guests and will have the ability to do Skype Call in, screen sharing, pull up YouTube clips, connect to Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil to teach “Annotee on Screen,” and more.


An ELLEN SHOW style set for VIP interviews that are more relaxed and do not need screen visuals.


“Talking Head” setup with interchangeable backgrounds for teleprompter and VS’s, etc.

Set D

An education set for creating eLearning courses very quickly.

We are very excited to be able to put out CONTENT AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT, and this studio is going to allow us to reach many more people and make Groove the premier brand in the Digital Marketing Space!