February 19th 2021

### Fixed

  • “you are not subscribed” error that some users were seeing in the pages dashboard
  • issue causing 404s affecting a small number of subdomain sites (requires users to republish their site)


February 18th 2021

### Fixed

  • Video elements not editable
  • Differences in style between builder and published version (requires you to republish your site)
  • Issues with loading/saving of popups

February 17th 2021


  • New Publishing settings and inbuilt DNS management
  • Ability to upload GIF images to the image library
  • WebP support with automatic image conversion and serving of preexisting images
  • Ability to save blocks to custom categories
  • Styling reset functionality
  • “Report site” option in the bottom bar on free accounts

### Improved

  • Responsiveness selectors – now they don’t flow up the changes anymore – https://youtu.be/ysyplDKdKTo
  • Drag handles and style editor are not always visible on the canvas – https://youtu.be/x9WxYZc2GY8
  • Carousel delay is now in seconds instead of milliseconds
  • Calendars on timers now start on Sunday
  • A Groove favicon is now showing by default
  • Revisions modal is now easier to read
  • Form containers can now be styled
  • Image library thumbnails now show the full image orientation in the preview
  • 404 pages now redirect back to the homepage after a couple of seconds
  • Checkbox elements can now be styled fully
  • User generated templates can now be deleted from the template library

### Fixed

  • Hover and Active styles are resetting after modifications
  • Forms are losing styling when updated in popups
  • Style editor not saving border radius
  • ActiveCampaign not sending name data
  • GetResponse form subscription fails and shows an error message
  • Link to a Block opens in a new tab
  • Collapse component is limiting with max height
  • Button with Icon padding not styled nicely
  • Funnel pages with the same name as the Site page don’t appear in the page list drop-down
  • Users unable to delete custom templates
  • Icon size and colors are not updating properly – now they are managed by the text sizing options – https://youtu.be/X1r1hZsOXmA
  • The images with special characters in the filename don’t show up properly in the image library
  • Page name and page URL not updating fully when the settings are saved quickly
  • After a page without content is published the page becomes blank without the “Empty Canvas” placeholder
  • Global styles not applying style properties set on text elements
  • TikTok icon doesn’t work
  • Minimum width is set on video player elements by default
  • Unable to add background color/transparency to a popup when a background image is present