Welcome to the GrooveFunnels™ featured updates for this week. You can find the list of releases from our Development and Design teams below.

Please note that this may include an overview of new launches, bug fixes and feature improvements. For more detailed information, kindly refer back to our community and support channels, where additional training on these topics may be provided or requested.


Groove Partner Contracts

Want to join forces with another Groovester to create and sell a product or service?

Groove Partner Contracts is a new feature that easily lets you set up your partnership agreement and financial arrangements.

Within GrooveSell™, you can directly add in your partners, along with the respective profit sharing percentages, and GrooveFunnels™ will be able to help you take the hassle out of managing all your partnership contracts and finances.

In fact, Groove Partner Contracts can even handle payments for affiliates and the distribution of the revenue based on the agreement you have set up.

This makes working with fellow partners so much more efficient.

Internal Names For Products & Price Points

Have you ever wanted to set a different name for your products and price points for internal references?

Previously, there was only one option for a name field, which would display exactly the same internally and externally.

Now, if you want to set up a different name, one that cannot be seen publicly, as an easier way for you to manage your products and price points, the Internal Name option is now available within GrooveSell™.

Simply go to the Products section to add a new product or edit an existing one to see these new options in action.


The ALL NEW GrooveKart™ Ecommerce Platform

GrooveKart™ is an ecommerce platform that comes with print-on-demand and dropshipping integrations built-in.

For years, GrooveKart™ has been its own individual program and has been the most effective way to start and run an ecommerce site.

With this new update, GrooveKart™ is now a part of the GrooveFunnels™ product suite family, and has been improved to become even bigger and better than the original.

When new users sign up for GrooveFunnels™, even with the free account, GrooveKart™ will now be a part of the variety of products that members can access.

As part of this new integration, the look and feel of GrooveKart™ has now been updated to contain the same design as fellow GrooveFunnels™ apps.

Because of the already well-optimized user interface of GrooveFunnels™, this means that GrooveKart™ is now easier to navigate, along with speed improvements, making it faster for you to create and manage your ecommerce stores.

GroovePages™ For GrooveKart™

Originally a separate product, the GrooveKart™ system also had its own storefront builder.

Now, if you are a GrooveFunnels™ member, you no longer need to learn and relearn multiple programs.

The goal for GrooveFunnels™ is to have all the products contain a similar look and feel, style and design, as well as user interface.

This means that usability should also be as consistent as possible.

With the new GroovePages™ for GrooveKart™, this means that for users of GroovePages™, the learning curve has been cut down because the GrooveKart™ page builder is now identical to GroovePages™.

The only difference is that because GrooveKart™ is meant to be an ecommerce store with built-in retail product integrations, additional elements are required for the dynamic content required to create an active online shop.

New Templates

Good news! We have also added new templates this week, with some of them accessible even for free members.

Here is a preview of the templates:

groovepages templates

P.S. At Groove Digital™, we are committed to your success. Our Development and Design teams are hard at work to add more features and tools to help you excel. We will also continue to provide you with new features and apps updates right here on our blog. If you have any feature requests, please feel free to submit them at our Feature Request Portal.