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Business Resources For Women In Tech

With the celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, it’s only fitting that Issue 2 of Groove magazine showcases some of the extraordinary women of Groove. (If you haven’t heard, we’ve launched a

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Cheat Sheet For Blogging (Pt III)

Cheat Sheet For Beginner Bloggers: Hacks & Tips (Part III) We’re back with the third and final cheat sheet in this beginner blogger series! Intended to help you increase organic traffic, consumer engagement, and

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Cheat Sheet For Blogging (Pt II)

Cheat Sheet For Beginner Bloggers: Storytelling (Part II) In Part I of this cheat sheet series, we suggested changing up your blog formats and start presenting your information differently, namely through lists and guides.

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GrooveBlog Changelog

[0.0.8] - March 4th 2021 Here is a video about the changes - ###Added GrooveBlog limits (Free users 1 blog, Platinum users - unlimited blogs) Options to change the background colors of the

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How To Respond To Negative Comments

Responding To Negative Comments On Social Media If your brand has a social media presence, and it should, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll run into some less-than-pleasant comments on your content. It’s safe to

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New Templates Released 01-22-21

We released new functional and exciting templates on 01/22/21. These templates include: Vegan Food Delivery Home Vegan Food Delivery Checkout Page Vegan Food Delivery Thank You Interior Design Template Natural Remedies Subscription-Box Home Page