In case you missed our exciting Live stream announcement, stop reading. No, really, we’re about to spoil the surprise. Did you stop reading? No? Okay good, we would’ve kept reading too.

GrooveDigital™ is proud to announce that we are partnering with ChatMatic – a chat automation software that is widely popular, particularly in digital marketing. ALL Groovesters, including our free GrooveDigital™ members, get a FREE Chatmatic account. In addition to the free ChatMatic account, paid GrooveDigital™ members will receive 2 big bonuses to the total value of $2,661.

We should stress this from the beginning: ChatMatic is not being absorbed into the GrooveDigital™ suite of products. This just means that ChatMatic will remain a separate app, but there will be deep integration between the chatbot software and GrooveDigital™ software. On that note, we appreciate your patience over the coming weeks as we embark on this new venture!

Now we can already hear you asking, “But what do Freemium Groovesters get?”. And yes, don’t worry Premium Groovesters, we’ll be answering the same for you thereafter.

(free – no credit card required, valued at $199 per month)

•Chatmatic 250 free subscribers account
•Full software access
•All Pro features
•Ability to manage every aspect of your Messenger automations
•Brand new drag and drop sequence builder
•Create links, buttons, chat widgets, and much more in SECONDS
•Full Live Chat functionality with your subscribers
•Integrated text messaging
•Membership to our Training and support group

(free – no credit card required, valued at $2,661)

•All of the above access as Freemium members
•Agency Accelerator Training: 35 different modules aimed at helping anyone come in off the street and start a digital marketing agency, where they can use Facebook Messenger to deliver leads for other businesses ($1,497 Value)
•1 Year Subscription of Template Club: 2 new templates every month for 12 months ($97/mo Value)

Here’s the thing: Premium members will have access to all of the above – for life. The catch? Well, there is no catch. It’s yours, for free, for life, if you are a Premium member. For our Freemium members, however, there is no “for life” guarantee. So please note that we, GrooveDigtal™, reserve all rights to change the pricing/remove access to free ChatMatic Freemium features, at any time.

Right, so with all the technicalities out the way, we hope you can see why we were buzzing to officially announce this partnership to our Groove Facebook community! The ability to monetize your list and scale your business has never been easier than with ChatMatic integration – a partnership that’s here to stay.

If you’d like to hear more about it, you can head over to our official YouTube channel and watch the replay of the announcement here. Travis Stephenson, CEO of Chatmatic, also does a Live Chatmatic Demo so it’s definitely worth checking out!