Welcome back to the fifth module of the Imperfect Action Challenge!

Congratulations on making your way through to the final session. Before we wrap up, have you posted your progress in the Facebook group? We’d love to see what you’ve done! Take a screenshot and share it with #imperfectactionchallenge

This module is a guided walkthrough on how to create your affiliate tools and get ready to promote your product through affiliates. This includes setting up a membership page in GrooveMember™ so that you can invite affiliates immediately to start promoting your new product for you. Additionally, David discusses some more free tips and tricks to promote your product and drive traffic to your site.

For those who don’t know what affiliates are, they are marketers who promote your product for a commission percentage of the resulting sales.

In Module 1 and 2, we covered the plan and funnel design, which we then set up in Module 3, after purchasing a custom domain. In the last one, Module 4, we then set up your product fulfillment.

GroovePages™, GrooveSell™, GrooveMember™ and GrooveMail™ are all free-to-use apps that can be found in your Groove dashboard, giving you every reason to just get it done!

Good to know stuff before we begin:

  • No platinum account needed
  • No product needed
  • No previous knowledge necessary
  • No creatives needed
  • No pre-written copy needed
  • No (money) investment needed

Module #5 Recap: Affiliates and Traffic

If you want to view the entire video with clickable chapters and show notes, watch the replay here.

1. Create your affiliate portal and welcome/affiliate page

For this step, you can make use of the assets in your downloaded PLR product. In the previous module, we went over how to create a membership for product fulfilment. Now, navigate to GrooveMember™ and select the membership that you created by opening up the Builder.

  • Add a Video Element into the page builder
  • Insert your welcome video
    a. Vimeo, YouTube, GrooveVideo
  • Add a Code Embed Element underneath the video (for promo tools)

Now, you’ll have to open a new tab and navigate to GrooveSell™, where you set up your product funnel in Module 3.

  • Select Product Funnels – Affiliate Portals and Tools
  • Click on the Dropdown and select the relevant product funnel

There will be default promo tools readily available for you to use.

If your PLR product includes affiliate tools, you can modify these default tools (suggested) or create new ones.

  • Prepare your assets
  • Upload them into the promo area
  • Add all images (banners)
    a. Tip: Name the image files the dimensions of the image for easy identification
    b. The banner will automatically redirect customers to the product page, using the affiliate link
  • Repeat this process for all assets that you’d like to include

After uploading the affiliate tools into the promo area, you can return to the funnel promo tools list in GrooveSell™ and copy the embed code (second icon from the left).

Insert this embed code in the Element created on your GrooveMember™ page builder, underneath the welcome video.

1.5. Explaining the Welcome Video

The video placeholder in the page builder is actually an important video to watch! Groove CEO and Co-founder, Mike Filsaime explains butterfly marketing and what to do for your affiliate page.

Take your time to analyze this model and replicate it for your own purposes.

As arguably the most important CTA on your page, you must record a compelling video and follow your sales script. For now, you don’t have to create a high-value production with the best of the best – just do what you can with what you have, even if it’s your smartphone!

2. Setting up automations for higher affiliate commission bumps

Everybody that downloads your freebie and becomes a free member gets access to your affiliate tools. At that tier membership, they will receive the standard commission (for example, 20%). Should they then upgrade, they will receive a higher commission when they promote your product (for example, 40%).

In order to give them a higher commission bumb when they promote the product, you should create automations in GrooveMail™ that will enable them to buy the higher tier membership.

  • Open GrooveMail™ from the Groove dashboard
  • Select Automations – New Automation
  • Add a name and select the trigger
  • Select Add as affiliate – Custom commission tier

We covered this in Module 4, but whenever you see a play button, that means your automation is not active. Click the play button to start your automation. Repeat this process for free and paid members.

To add affiliate payment settings, you’ll have to direct them somewhere to fill in their payment details.

  • Create a button on your GrooveMember™ page
  • Navigate to your affiliate tools in GrooveSell™
    a. Affiliate Dashboard – Settings – Payment
    b. Copy the link
  • Return to the button on your GrooveMember™ page
  • Paste the URL link

3. Exploring Traffic Methods

Organic reach

One of the easiest and fastest ways to drive organic traffic to your site is by running a contest. Contests have the ability to go VIRAL! The higher the prize value, the more people will engage with your post (like, share, tag).

You can use either Facebook or Instagram, as you should already have a business account on one of them, and you can create the post/contest image using Canva.

Of course, you want your image to capture attention so that social media users will stop scrolling and see what your contest is all about!

Create your post! It’s up to you to set the contest rules, which you must clearly explicate in your caption. This usually involves liking the post, sharing the post, and tagging a certain number of friends in the comments. But it’s also a good idea to find a way to capture email addresses to build your list. For example, you can have them download your freebie opt in. Clever, right?


Groove members, both free and paid, have free access to Chatmatic! In case you missed the announcement and training videos, Chatmatic is a chatbot software that automates your selling through Facebook Messenger.

  • Create your free Chatmatic account
  • Connect it to your Facebook business page
    a. Page Settings
    b. Apps & Websites – Business Integrations – Connect Chatmatic
  • Add and modify your template
    a. Use this template code: GYVr8jvlbMqE
    b. “IMAC Challenge Content Flow”
    c. Select text and edit (minimal editing is recommended)
  • Set up the triggers
    a. Trigger Option – Create New Trigger
    b. Insert the contest URL link
    c. Optional: Comment Triggers

When someone clicks on the link, they become a subscriber to your chatbot automation. In future, you can also send them broadcasts.

Coupon codes

This is a great way to nudge customers over the edge of the fence! You can set up coupon codes in your product funnel in GrooveSell™.

  • Go to GrooveSell™ from the Groove dashboard
  • Select Product Funnels – Manage Products
  • Choose the correct products (paid-for)
    a. Select Manage Product’
  • Select Product Funnel – Coupons
  • Set up your coupon details

Third-party platforms

You can use a viral giveaway platform, such as KingSumo, to host your contest. The benefit of using this platform is that you can build your email list and everything is automated. It is free to use, or you can get a lifetime membership for USD 49.

KingSumo instructions:

  • Create a catchy title
  • Write a compelling description and features
  • Include the start and end dates
  • How many winners to be selected
  • Prize value
  • URL
  • Link other social media accounts
  • Add an image

And that’s a wrap on the very first Imperfect Action Challenge! A big, virtual round of applause to all our Groovesters that not only followed along, but took action and built out their own funnel too.

It can be so easy to get caught up in all the excuses and reasons to wait, although the fact of the matter is that Groove has everything you need right now to start generating an income online.

With the right mindset and the right attitude, the possibilities in the Groove suite are endless! It truly is everything you need, with the bonus of even more to come.


Get going with affiliates and start promoting your offer! Post your progress in the Facebook group with #imperfectactionchallenge


  • Groove: groovefunnels.com
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram
  • Create an image for your post: Canva
  • ChatBot software: ChatMatic
  • Third-party giveaways: KingSumo


Q: Can I use GrooveKart™ for current or past digital giveaways?
A: Yes, you can give a 100% discount coupon, or you can just order it from the supplier and send it to the client/winner

Q: Can I post my funnel and site pages somewhere in the FB Groove page for consultation?
A: Join us every Wednesday for GroovePages™ Show and Tell.

Q: I need help in GrooveSell™. I have Stripe installed because GrooveSell™ won’t let me install PayPal.
A: If you are having trouble with setting up PayPal, please contact support.

Q: Do you do Q&A sessions (for general) once a week?
A: Yes, we do it each Thursday on Groove LemonAid.

Q: What does the PLR license mean when it says it can’t be placed on a free website?
A: Have a look at the license and make sure you can do what you want with it.

Q: Is it worth doing the affiliate part if my product has a low price point?
A: Maybe not your front-end product, but for the upsell, yes.