Getting Started With GrooveFunnels

Welcome, Groovester! We’re excited to have you join the Groove.CM™ (previously known as “GrooveFunnels”) community.

Step 1 to getting started is signing up for your free account. It’s quick and easy, no credit card required.

Assuming you’ve completed the first step, you might be left staring at the dashboard and wondering how to get started with the extensive range of Groove apps, which includes:

  • GroovePagesⓇ
  • GrooveKartⓇ
  • GrooveMail™
  • GrooveSell™
  • GrooveBlog™
  • GrooveAffiliate™
  • GrooveVideo™

Before you dive in and explore, which we highly recommend you do, first make sure that you have access to GrooveDigital Academy. If you don’t see it on the dashboard, that’s because it’s a separate login page where we house all of our training resources.

Your login credentials should’ve been emailed to you as soon as you signed up for your account. If you don’t see it, check your inbox and junk folders for an email with the subject line: Your New GrooveDigital Academy Account

If you still don’t see it, select “Forgot Password” or simply create a new account.

Select “GrooveFunnels Training” under My Courses, and select the “Walk-Throughs” tab.

You’ll notice that you’re able to skip ahead, but we don’t recommend it. This series is designed to take less than an hour, from start to finish, and breaks down all the Partner Program tasks into easily implemented chunks. It truly has everything you need!

Three Suggested Ways to Start or Grow Your Online Business with Groove:

  1. Become a Groove Affiliate
  2. Become an Affiliate for Other Products
  3. Launch Your Own Product or Service

Join the Groove Partner Program

No list? No product? No problem!

With a free Groove.CM™ account, anybody can get started and make money online by becoming a Groove affiliate. That’s what makes it an excellent place to start!

Later on, you can then start promoting other people’s products too. Or even start creating your own offerings. But more on that later.

If you had a chance to go through Walkthrough #1 in the GrooveDigital Academy, you already know that we have integrated our products with the best affiliate program in the world.

We want you to succeed in our Groove Partner Program. And it’s designed to help you generate and convert leads, even with no prior experience.

So, whether you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing or have an existing network, you will find our program to be unlike any other – it’s fast, easy, and effective.

Groove Partner Program Commission

When you sign up for your free account, you will get instant access to your own affiliate links to start promoting Groove. You do NOT have to upgrade or apply to access our affiliate program!

Should you decide to join our Groove Affiliate Partner Program, you will have immediate access to the affiliate management area and promotional tools. This will make your promotion efforts all the more effective, meaning you can start growing your business without unnecessary hassle or complicated tech.

By promoting Groove products, you will earn 20% commission on Tier 1 for your free Groove account. By upgrading your membership, you will earn 40% commission on Tier 1 and 10% on Tier 2.

A Tier 1 conversion is when you refer a lead to Groove (via your affiliate link) and they convert. If that user then goes on to refer others, with their affiliate link, you receive a commission on those conversions too, which is Tier 2.

  • 20% commission* on Tier 1 – for LIFE
  • Upgraded members get 40% on Tier 1 and 10% on Tier 2.

The good news is that no one can ever take your lead from you. You own it for life.

If you refer the lead to us, and they sign up for their free account, that lead is locked in and connected to YOU for life. We call this “first tag wins.”

It doesn’t matter when or where they upgrade in future – you own it and are guaranteed the commission.

That’s why it’s so critical to start promoting right now.

And Groove Affiliates get paid weekly.

For more detailed information, go to

Build an Affiliate Page with GroovePagesⓇ

Whether you’re going to become a Groove affiliate or an affiliate for other products, you have to build your first landing page for your affiliate sales funnel. Rest assured, this doesn’t require any programming, coding, or design skills.

In the world of internet marketing, a landing page is a standalone webpage that is specifically designed for lead generation. It’s how you’ll attract potential customers and later convert some of them into paying customers.

Even if you’re not tech-savvy, this isn’t as difficult a task as it may sound. GroovePagesⓇ is a landing page and funnel builder platform with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that allows even first-time users to create a page or series of pages.

  • Start from scratch
  • Use pre-built templates
  • Write a compelling headline
  • Embed a promo video

The GroovePagesⓇ tutorials are designed to take you through a series of videos that will show you how to build your affiliate page. Follow along here, and you can complete your own professional-looking site within minutes.

Plus, you can easily search our library of in-depth builds and walkthroughs on our official GrooveDigital YouTube channel.

Promote Your Affiliate Page

If you’ve followed the training in the GrooveDigital Academy (or YouTube channel), your affiliate page will now be ready to be shared with the online world!

Not only does Groove.CM™ provide you with all the tech you need to build your online business, we also give you the tools you need to start promoting it.

So, it’s time to make use of our top-notch Promotion Tools. Head to the Promotion Dashboard on the Groove Affiliate Program page to find it.

It’s a well-known fact that the Founders and team at GrooveDigital™ are Internet Marketing experts. So when it comes to promoting affiliate websites, we know all about best practices and marketing strategies that have already been tried and tested.

So, we’ve created pre-made high-converting promotional tools for all Groove affiliates.

Designed to help you make more sales online, GrooveFunnels™ Promotion Tools has customizable:

  • Links
  • Swipes
  • Blog Reviews
  • Articles
  • Banners
  • Thank You Page Ads
  • Logout Page Ads
  • Social Media
  • Video Reviews
  • Facebook Ads
  • Signatures

We’ve also found that many of our top affiliates are using paid advertising to get big results, so if you’re interested in a basic introduction to:

  • Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads
  • Retargeting
  • Pay-Per-Click

Check out this discussion on paid advertising strategies inside the Groove Affiliate Jumpstart portal.

Sales Funnel Checklist

Everything you’ve completed up until this point is designed for you to get started and build out your own basic sales funnel.

In fact, Groove.CM™ was recently renamed from the previous GrooveFunnels™ to better represent the full functionality of the Groove product suite. It’s more than just a page builder and affiliate marketing opportunity; it’s also a sales funnel platform, among many other things.

Learning how to set up a basic sales funnel will serve you whether you’re a Groove affiliate, an affiliate for other products, or launching your own product.

Here’s a quick overview of the top five tools that you need to run a successful and profitable online business:

  1.  Merchant Account
  2. Shopping Cart
  3. Autoresponder
  4. Product
  5. Sales Copy

1. Merchant Account

Business owners who sell products and services online must have a reliable merchant account to accept payments.

And that’s precisely why we have included a merchant processing service as part of the GrooveDigital™ family, called GroovePay™.

GroovePay™ specializes in digital marketing and ecommerce, which means you will get fast and easy approval. And with competitive merchant pricing, more of your revenue will end up in your pocket.

Apply for your merchant account at

2. Shopping Cart

The ability to accept online credit card payments is one thing, but integrating it to your website is another. And most shopping cart systems are expensive, complicated, and have lackluster features.

Once again, we have created the best solution for shopping cart software, called GrooveSell™.

It’s the most powerful sales and affiliate platform on the market. You can create unlimited product funnels with customizable pricing structures and robust checkout options.

And it’s free. No monthly bills and no transaction fees. Learn more at

3. Autoresponder

An autoresponder is a system that allows you to capture customer information and send automated email sequences or live broadcasts.

“The money is in the list,” after all. So, for business owners who are committed to building long-term relationships with their customers, a reliable autoresponder and CRM is crucial to the growth of their business.

Marketers invest hundreds, even thousands, of dollars into their autoresponder systems. But a newer business might prefer to go with low-cost or free options that can easily integrate with GrooveFunnels™.

But those tools aren’t designed for Internet Marketers and there are limitations to the features. As part of the Groove.CM™ suite, you also have access to GrooveMail™ – a world-class email autoresponder and CRM solution.

Go to to set up your autoresponder.

4. Product

Although you might choose to start off as a Groove affiliate, the end goal should be to create your own product (digital/physical) or service.

  • Educational info products
  • Membership sites
  • Digital templates and tools
  • Services
  • Ecommerce

Selling your own products like those in the list above will allow you to maximize the benefits of creating a sales funnel because the goal is to attract customers so that you can build your own business.

That being said, if you are just starting out and don’t currently have your own products or services to sell, you can still create your sales funnel to promote affiliate products – including Groove.CM™.

The Imperfect Action Challenge is the perfect starting point for going about this.

5. Sales Copy

Attracting your potential customers like a bee to honey is dependent on the sales copy of your webpage. It’s what captures attention and drives prospects to take action, no matter the call-to-action (CTA).

A typical sales page has headlines and subheadlines, easily identifiable using big or colored fonts. The goal of a headline is to make visitors interested enough to continue reading the rest of the sales page copy, and this is where you utilize persuasive copywriting tactics to convince visitors to take action – instead of just clicking away. It’s one of the most important text elements of your page and has a huge impact on conversions!

GroovePagesⓇ allows you to select pre-made templates with headline and sales copy elements that have already been inserted for you. Simply highlight the text, hit delete, and replace it with your own; either model the text that you’re replacing or the headline from the product page.

Don’t forget to join the official Groove.CMFacebook group as well as the Groove JV Facebook group to network, see what’s working, and stay up to date.

With Groove, your earning potential is unlimited. And it no longer takes weeks to build an effective sales funnel that’s proven to convert.

  • Sell unlimited products with unlimited funnels
  • Create integrated email sequences
  • Build pages with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Create robust checkout experiences
  • Optimize video-based content
  • Offer upsells, downsells, and order bumps
  • Publish content for organic search
  • Earn commissions with Groove JV Program
  • Build your own an affiliate program
  • And more!

How to Contact GrooveFunnels Support

Head over to and select from the following options:

  • Search the self-help articles in the knowledge base,
  • Select the live chat option in the bottom-right corner, or
  • Create a ticket in the top-right corner.

The product release schedule can be viewed on this infographic.