If you are marketing online using affiliate programs, there are many strategies and techniques that you can use to increase your affiliate commissions.

Many marketers fail to generate strong affiliate commissions simply because they fail to understand what is required in order to generate strong affiliate commissions.

Here are 5 ways that you can use to increase your affiliate commissions.

1. Create a free report with resell rights and affiliate links

By creating a free report with resell or giveaway rights, you now have a tool that is working on your behalf to generate affiliate commissions for you.
Resell and giveaway rights offer a huge incentive for people to pass your report along to others.

By embedding the report with your affiliate links, anytime any one of the readers of that report clicks on those affiliate links, if they decide to buy the product you are promoting, you get paid for it.

Imagine if there are now hundreds if not thousands of copies of your free report floating around on the internet. You wouldn’t be able to stop the affiliate commissions even if you wanted to.

If you want to take this strategy to the next level, you can write a book and include your affiliate links in the book. You can even take the book and get it published on Amazon Kindle! Now you have a billion dollar company helping you promote your book and as a byproduct helping you promote your affiliate links.

2. Buy and use the product yourself

By purchasing and using the product yourself you create a story and an experience with the product.

This story gives you credibility that other affiliates simply don’t have because they haven’t experienced the product themselves.

For instance if you are promoting a make money product, one of the best ways to increase your affiliate sales is to actually try the product out yourself, document your results and share your story.

You can create a blog that details step by step your experiences with using the product and what has happened as a result. Not only will you create additional affiliate sales from the people on your list or web site you might be promoting this program to, but if you start the blog, you will create additional affiliate commissions from your blog getting indexed and picked up by the search engines.

3. Create a video promoting the affiliate product

Video is becoming more and more popular these days and many websites are reporting higher conversion rates by using video to promote products, including affiliate products.

By creating a video of you talking about the benefits of an affiliate product and providing a link to your affiliate page, you will in most cases make more sales than if you simply typed up an email or created a web page to promote the affiliate product.

4. Add a bonus for people who purchase the affiliate product through your link

Many of the big time marketers do this all the time. When a new product is launched and they are affiliates for the product, they will include an additional bonus for people who purchase the affiliate product through the link.

The better the bonus the more sales you will make. I have literally purchased products that I already own simply because the bonus was so good it was worth purchasing the product again just to get the bonus!

In fact, I’m pretty sure I have purchased some of Mike Filsaime’s products over the years that I already owned simply because I wanted the bonus!

5. Use an autoresponder series to promote an affiliate program.

Most people don’t buy the first time around and many affiliates leave money on the table by simply sending out a mailing one time.

A better approach would be to get your prospects to subscribe to an autoresponder where you will continue to send out emails on a regular basis promoting the affiliate program.

You will generate ten times as many affiliate sales doing this as opposed to someone who doesn’t do this simply because it usually takes the average person 7 exposures before they finally make a decision to make a purchase.

If you are looking to implement any of these strategies, one powerful tool that you can use to do this is the Groovefunnels suite of products. In my own business, I use Groovefunnels not only to promote my own products but to promote affiliate products as well. I’m not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination. However, using Groovepages, I can set up a web page without needing to be a web designer and I can use that webpage to promote any affiliate offer that I want.
Groovefunnels is a great tool to use as an affiliate marketer. They also have a great affiliate program as well!

Roosevelt Cooper is the founder of The10Talents, a company that teaches you how to be a better steward in five areas of your life. Stewardship over your time, your talents/skills, your finances, your health and your relationships. To learn more, sign up for his free training.